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1、great minds have purpose, others have wishes.杰出的人有着目标,其他人只有愿望。being single is better than being in an unfaithful relationship.比起谈着充满欺骗的恋爱,单身反而更好。

2、励志英文句子带翻译 everything will change. the only question is growing up or decaying.每件事都会变,问题在于前进还是后退。 be the ... e of your life, not the victim.做人生的主角,而不是受害者。

3、生活励志英文句子阅读篇一 all things come to those who wait. 苍天不负有心人 victory wont come to me unless i go to it. -- m.moore 胜利是不会向我们走来的,我必须自己走向胜利。

4、新的一天励志语英语推荐 the best hearts are always the bravest.心灵更高尚的人,也总是最勇敢的人。

5、励志名言英语短句 世界上只有一样东西是任何人都不能抢走的,那就是智慧。 there is only one thing in the another angle, is still round. 哪里有生活,哪里就有快乐。越往前去,它就越多,越多。 e trivial things too seriously. 时间对于抓得住它的人是黄金,对于抓不住它的人是流水。

6、all things are difficult before they are easy. (凡事必先难后易。)miracles sometimes occur,but one has to work terribly for them. (奇迹有时候是会发生的,但是你得为之拼命地努力。


business is the salt of life.事业是人生的之一需要。1 god made relatives; thank god we can choose our friends. 神决定了谁是你的亲戚 , 幸运的是在选择朋友方面他给了你留了余地。

谁能给一些关于life的英文的名人名言10分送上,谢谢 all for one, one for all。 人人为我,我为人人。—— [法] dumas pére大仲马 easy come, easy go。 易得者亦易失。 —— hazlitt赫斯特 the darkest hour is that before the dawn。 黎明前的时分是最 ... 的。

小清新的英文短句:life is simple,you make choices and you don't look back。人生很简单,做了决定就不要后悔。i'm not lazy, i'm on energy saving mode。我不懒,我只是开启了节能模式。beauty fades, dumb is forever。美丽易逝,傻气长存。

life is not a straight line, but a kind of harmony. 3生存下来的之一个想法是做好,而不是做大。 the first idea to survive is to do well, not to do big.英语格言短句 苦想没盼头,苦干有奔头。

to live is to open roads in mountains and build bridges in waters。 life, you give me pressure, i also you miracle!活着就该逢山开路,遇水架桥。生活,你给我压力,我还你奇迹!don't worry about the vague future, just strive for the clear present。



2、life is simple.you make choices and you dont look back. 人生很简单,做了决定就不要后悔。 if my future has you in it, im not afraid of anything. 如果我的未来有你在,其他一切我都不怕了。 if you look for it, love actually is all around. 如果你用心寻找,你会发现爱其实无处不在。

3、dont worry, be happy!别担心,快乐点! look on the bright side.看光明的一面。(往好的一面看。) take it easy, man. its not that big of adeal.放轻松,老兄。没什 大不了的。 keep your chin up. everything will be all right.抬头挺胸(不要气馁)。

4、love always makes people cry, let a person feel not satisfied, the sky is very big but see clearly, good lonely. 4同情没有价值,帮助不过是缓解剂而已句子大全http://,自立才是重新崛起的根本。


not a kind not through the contempt of suffering and struggle to conquer fate。 life is like riding a bicycle. to keep your balance, you must keep moving. judge not from appearances人不可貌相,海不可斗量。

励志英文句子带翻译 everything will change. the only question is growing up or decaying.每件事都会变,问题在于前进还是后退。 be the ... e of your life, not the victim.做人生的主角,而不是受害者。

生活没有目标,犹如航海没有罗盘。4all things in their being are good for something. 天生我才必有用。4the good seaman is known in bad weather. 惊涛骇浪,方显英雄本色。50、the secret of success is constancy to purpose. 成功的秘诀在于对目标的忠实。


1、the sandflass remembers the time we lost。 沙漏记得,我们遗忘的时光。i just do my own, i do not care about other people我只做我自己, 其他人我不在乎。my young frivolous, is you give pain. 我的年少轻狂,是你给予的伤。

2、十生活简单就迷人,人心简单就幸福;学会简单其实就是不简单。 十我们的心底永远都有一个不为人知的角落,不愿被人揭起的伤疤。 十因为有你,让我相信我所遭遇的一切,并不是在阻挡我的前进,而是要让我下更大的决心。 十终于有一天,我也可以放掉当年那么多不懂。终于有一天,我也可以再对你微笑。

3、英语说说心情短语 there is no absolute success in the eone somees right back up the next day.不管你有多痛苦,这个世界都不会为你停止转动。太阳依旧照样升起。

4、唯美经典英文说说心情短语 nobody could ever replace you.从来就没有人能代替的了你。

5、心情不好的一句话心情说说短语一: 仰望布满星星的天空,眼角还残留一丝泪痕,内心是谁刻下了抹不去的伤 愿你安好,即使后来你与我全然无关。 那种只看资料却不敢添加的感觉谁懂? 你吻过我的唇,我却不是你更爱的人。 刚开始是喜欢到不行,后来只剩下不行。


1、任何一个人的生活,都应当受一定法规的制约。 any of a persons life, should be restricted by certain regulations. 把语言化为行动,比把行动化为语言困难得多。

2、as long as the time on the scoreboard is beating, cannot give up speaking out of turn. 人生之苦,在得失间。 心态决定情绪,情绪决定心情,心情决定心境,心境决定生活。

3、life is but a span.人生苦短。life is half spent before we know what it is.人过半生,方知天命。life is not all roses.人生并不是康庄大道。life is not always a bed of roses.生活未必都是称心如意的。life without a friend is death.没有朋友,虽生犹死。