Hello Korio
12. 10. 2015

Ok, let’s not bother with any explanations right now and just jump right back in to business as usual.

I get asked a lot of makeup questions on Twitter and other places and while I really enjoy going on about different products at length, there are a couple of questions I get asked fairly often and I thought I’d try to tackle some of them here so the response is less disjointed than the 140 character limit allows. One question I get a lot is about LORAC palettes vs Urban Decay’s Naked palettes. I don’t own all of either line, but I think I own enough of each to break it down a bit for those on the fence.

You should first know that my first suggestion is to buy both. Let’s just establish now that my prime advice is always to buy everything. Realizing that some people consider that impractical, let’s move on to advice part two.

Another thing to note is that I’m not going to go into which LORAC Pro palette or which Urban Decay Naked palette you may way. Just the differences between the two brands.

Let’s start with LORAC. I own the LORAC Pro 1, the LORAC Pro 2, and the LORAC Mega Pro 2.


Each Pro palette has 16 shades: 8 matte and 8 shimmer. Both Pro 1 and Pro 2 are permanent to LORAC’s collection. The Mega Pro 2 has 32 shades: 16 matte and 16 shimmer. The Mega Pro 2 is limited edition and is available now at Ulta. There’s also a Mega Pro 1, but it was limited edition as well and sold out very quickly.


I didn’t clean these up before I took the pictures because this is real life. Also, if I go down the road of keeping my palettes clean, no one will ever see or hear from me again.

As you can see, all the palettes – the Mega Pro 2 especially, of course – have a really wide array of colors. They all have the same shadow formula, as well. The LORAC formula is very soft and will kick up a lot of dust, even if you just tap your brush into the pan. With cheaper eye shadows, that’s usually a sign of poor quality and a difficult to work with shade, but that’s not the case here. The color payoff is very good on most shades, though there are a few that just don’t look as vibrant on the eye as they do in the pan.

Pros of the LORAC Pro palettes

Cons of the LORAC Pro palettes

Now, Urban Decay’s Naked palettes. Again, I don’t have all of these. I have Naked 1, Naked 2, and I did own Naked 3, but the shades didn’t work for me so I sold it.


Again, if these palettes look beat, it’s because they are. I’ve had Naked 1 longer than Naked 2, but both are in pretty consistent rotation.


Urban decay does have several other palette “lines,” like the Vice palettes and other special edition palettes, but I’m just going to talk about the Naked palettes here. All of them – 1, 2, 3 and the two Naked Basics palettes – are part of the permanent collection. Unlike the LORAC palettes, which have a variety of shades in each, each Naked palette has it’s own “feel” and the shades all go together.

Pros of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Cons of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Anyway, that’s just a quick rundown of both brands. As for what I personally think, I will tell you that I end up pushing the LORAC a lot when people ask me which to choose. For those less experienced with makeup, the soft formula makes it easy to do pretty washes of color, the wide variety of shades gives a lot to play around with, and the price isn’t a small factor.

However, I actually use my Naked palettes all. the. time. Yes, they’re more shimmery. Yes, not all of it is appropriate for every day. But it’s really easy to pull together a quick look without thought. The shadows are consistent and blend together well. Naked 1, and more and more lately, Naked 2, are my go to “I don’t have time to mess around, gotta get out of the house” shadow palettes. They’re easy to use if you’re not so great at coming up with a “look,” and on top of that, the Naked palettes are so popular that there are tons of tutorials out there for all of them. They may look more limiting than the wide shadow variety in the LORAC palettes, but you can do a ton with them.

In the end, of course, it comes down to your personal preferences about how you like shadows to perform and what kinds of shades you like. My personal preference is to buy them all. Just saying.