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27. 04. 2016

FIRST OF ALL, I have a confession. A couple of days ago, I posted on Twitter about a miracle that had occurred. I used up a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner on the exact same day in the exact same shower. I know, I was shocked, too. But it happened. I chalked it up to cutting off over a foot of hair back in the fall. It’s long again now because my hair and my butt and boobs are the only parts of me that have ever reliably grown, but still.

So I was in the store with Phil the other day looking for new shampoo and conditioner, and mentioned to him that they didn’t have the one I like, and he said, “Oh, I guess I shouldn’t have used so much of your shampoo, then.”


SECOND OF ALL, remember the other day when I complained a lot? I had forgotten one of the complaints. I’m well-rested right now so I’m not feeling as uppity about it, but I’m going to tell you anyway – here’s a thing that annoys the shit out of me: songs and other media talking about how a woman doesn’t know she’s beautiful and that makes her beautiful. What. Why can’t she know? Did you see that post on reddit or somewhere a while ago where a woman was on a dating app of some sort and started responding differently when guys told her she was hot or whatever? Like, instead of blowing it off, she said, oh, thanks, or something like that. And she got responses that were crazy. There was this one where a guy is like hey, you’re hot, and she said, oh, thank you, and you know how he responds? WHOA WHOA WHOA, a little full of yourself, eh? And she’s like, huh? And he TELLS HER, you’re supposed to say something like, oh, no I’m not, or something like that. Like he actually expected her to deny that she was hot, EVEN THOUGH HE HAD JUST TOLD HER SHE WAS, and her failure to do so revealed some kind of massive personality flaw. There was a screen shot and all that went along with it, but half-assed combinations of “lady says ok when a guy thinks she’s hot” pulled up nothing I was looking for, imagine that.

Obviously there’s this whole problem a lot of us have with taking compliments, because compliments can be uncomfortable, and that’s something we’ve all got to work on personally, as adults, but at the same time, you’ve got people actually believing that not acknowledging your good points is a huge part of what makes them good points. That shouldn’t be a thing. Why is a girl not knowing she’s beautiful part of what makes her beautiful? Is it that you want to date an idiot? Or are you an idiot? Because I am telling you, if she is beautiful, she probably knows, and if she doesn’t know, she will know some day when she grows up and gets comfortable with herself and stops dating morons who want to be the only one to be allowed to confer the word beautiful onto a woman.

THIRD OF ALL, someone damaged my scooter in the parking lot at work. They didn’t hit it, because it’s always parked in such a way that that’s not really possible. There’s scratches in the paint down one side, at the back end and front end, and also the end of the brake lever is damaged, as well. It looks like someone dropped it and it hit the curb. However, if it had been actually knocked over, the cowl bars would have taken the hit, and if they didn’t and the panels hit, they would have cracked. No, what clearly happened (you’ll have to trust me because this is my scooter and I know it) is that someone was ON it and was surprised by the center of gravity on it. That takes a bit to get used to, it’s low and heavy. So they lost the balance – I’ve done it. Once it starts to tip, if you’re not very strong or very tall, it’s very hard to keep your grip without shoving your body under it as leverage. So someone was on it and it tipped, and they didn’t drop it straight to the ground, but more held it and slowed it as it went down, and banged it off the curb.


Who DOES that! Who just GETS ON someone else’s vehicle in a parking lot, let alone damages it and doesn’t say anything? I’m so upset. I wanted to be the first one to damage it. Not really, but you know what I mean. I have insurance, but I don’t feel the deductible is worth it for some scratches like that, especially when I’m such a new driver and likely WILL scratch it myself. We’ve kind of decided to just let it go for now, and in a while, after I’m done getting all my beginner scratches in, we’ll get it fully painted so I can have the pink scooter I originally wanted. But I have to SEE the scratches all the time and it just REALLY CHAPS MY ASS, not because the damage is so upsetting, which it is, but because I find it SO BEWILDERING that it’s something people will do. Touch and potentially harm something that IN NO WAY can be mistaken as belonging to them. You can’t just DO THAT. Except clearly people do, and this is definitely one of those “two kinds of people” situations, because it would NEVER CROSS MY MIND to do such a thing.

LASTLY, yesterday I was at work, and I had made new CDs for the coffee shop a couple of days ago because the old ones have been there for years and I couldn’t listen to one more Jason Mraz song. A couple came in and the lady was pregnant. They got two coffees and were leaving when the song changed to Ben Folds’s Gracie, and the man goes, “Aw,” and the lady said something I didn’t hear, and the guy said, “Do you want to sit and listen?” So they sat down on the couches and sat there quietly, and after a minute, the guy wiped his eye a little, and when the song ended, they got up and left. Guys, I think they’re having a girl and I think her name might be Gracie.

9 responses to “Confession, outrage, and a cute thing that happened.”

  1. Dr. Maureen says:

    1. I am incensed at the people upset with the woman saying “thank you.”

    2. I am sorry about your beautiful scooter. What is WRONG with people. Last week, I bumped into the fender of a pickup wit my white minivan while backing out of a space in an incredibly poorly-designed parking lot, so I got out and checked the guy’s bumper, and when I saw a tiny bit of paint transfer that possibly didn’t even come from my van but probably did, I LEFT A NOTE like a CIVILIZED HUMAN BEING even though I planned to be really irritated if the ruck owner thought this tiny tiny thing was worth fixing, because it is NOT. Then it rained after I left, so the fact that I never got a call could because the ink washed away, but I hope it’s because the truck owner doesn’t think a tiny smudge of white paint is worth the trouble. But here is the thing: It’s not my truck, so it’s not my call. The truck owner gets to decide if it’s worth the trouble!

    But my story does not end there, because at the time, I didn’t even look at my van because I was too upset that I might have to pay for damage to this truck and I don’t care that much about what my van looks like. So then the other day Andrew asked me if I knew anything about a dent in the fender, and I said, “Ohhhh, maybe I did that?” so I checked it later and I DEFINITELY DID NOT DO THAT. The dent in my van is on the wrong side, and also I was traveling at maybe 1 mph because I was carefully backing out of a space, so the dent in the bumper is way too big, and is actually two dents anyway, so it wasn’t me. So this means someone hit our van in the grocery store parking lot and did NOT leave a note and what is WRONG with people.

    On the bright side, about 2 yrs ago, someone backed into my parked car and absolutely left all information and then paid for it, so not everyone is terrible.

    3. Awww.

  2. shin ae says:

    My heart clenched with indignation when I read Phil’s confession.

    Your discussion about females accepting compliments is so perfect I think I will bookmark this post forever. I can think of stupid reasons a man might want a woman who doesn’t know she’s beautiful (for instance, the satisfaction of purchasing a quantity of a particularly undervalued stock) and dark reasons, too (for instance, he doesn’t have to treat her as well if she doesn’t value herself or speak up for herself). Either way, NO. This is one of those times I’m excited I have boys and I get to teach them differently.

  3. Swistle says:

    That is a very cute coffee-shop story.

    That is a VERY ENRAGING scooter-damage story.

  4. Natalie says:

    You mean you didn’t refuse to serve coffee to the pregnant woman? Huh.

    I love new posts. Love. Almost said new TJ posts. Oops.

    • korio says:

      Well, she did ask what decaf we had, and I said, we don’t brew decaf. So I guess I kind of enable pregnant ladies and their coffee, because I don’t brew decaf.

  5. Carmen says:

    I cannot imagine getting onto a scooter in a parking lot. Well, I guess I can if said scooter belongs to me or I was given permission by the owner. Otherwise – no. Off limits! People don’t sit in other people’s cars, right? So what makes them think this is okay? I am outraged on your behalf.

  6. Jess says:

    I would be raging about the scooter. RAGING. DAMN IT ALL.

  7. Libby says:

    Yep, I too would be raging about the scooter. Do people do this with motorcycles because those things are HEAVY?? Probably not because they know they’d get punched by whoever DOES own them. My guess is probably a juvenile of some sort. (Let’s hope an adult isn’t this idiotic.)

    Oh man, the coffee story is so great.

    (Sorry for all the new comments on old stuff. I miss your posts if I don’t see them on Twitter, and then I have to go read them ALL AT ONCE. I will try to be better. Heh.)

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