Hello Korio
12. 10. 2015

It’s all going to be all right. I promise.

11 responses to “So, this is new.”

  1. Pam says:

    I like it! (and I’m glad I found it!)

  2. Mary says:

    Is there a story about the blog name? and can we know what it is, if it is something you feel comfortable sharing? please? *curious* 🙂

    • korio says:

      I can share, but it’s a boring story! It’s literally my work login – first initial, first four of my last name. I went to use it on tumblr and it was, of course, taken, so I used their random generator and it came up with hellokorio. Sorry it’s not more exciting, haha.

  3. Mary says:

    I have another question.. (I am endlessly curious about things) ..and apologies if you have addressed this elsewhere.. but what IS that yellow flowery looking dohickey in your profile pic? *curious!* Thanks. 😀 P.S. Even though I don’t do makeup, I still love reading all of your posts. 😀

  4. Coral says:

    Wait, I must be living under a rock, but what happened to the Temerity Jane blog? Love the site design though!

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